Monday, May 31, 2010


Ugh. I feel so stuffed. I don't think it is just my stomach though. Because I did sorta binge earlier (like 5-6 hours ago) on some gummy bears, (pre-made) ice cream cone & peanut butter twix. But in the last like 3 hours I had about 28oz. of wine & then I started feeling really full. A few minutes ago I peed, which seemed to help, thankfully. So here's to hoping more urine wants to be released!

So glad the long weekend is about over. Since I am unemployed, it isn't extra days off for me. Instead, it's more food temptation with cookouts & such. Saturday I did fairly alright. I didn't work out at all, other than causal paddling while going down a river by canoe. Today woulda been okay had I not indulged in mini chocolate donuts & pb twix for lunch, steak & a couple small brownies with small corn on the cob & a Coke for dinner, & then the late evening binge. Okay, so there was no way today was going to be okay, obviously. I didn't eat breakfast. Usually I try to in order to 'wake' my metabolism up, but once I got outta bed & finished catching up on reading blogs, I decided to go ahead & run on the elliptical (4 miles). Then it was lunch time.

So, I did meet my exercise goal for the week. At least 3 miles every day except one (Saturday). And calorie wise was mostly good other than today. I think for the upcoming week (as I start mine on Mondays), I will set none other than to keep the same elliptical goal (3 miles/day 6 days, minimum). I'm setting no calorie range because there are days I feel like I want to eat less than my lower limit. So I'm throwing that out the window. Instead I'm hoping for 1000ish max, with no minimum.

I'm still thinking a new scale is in order. Saturday it stayed consistent for the morning weigh in but Sunday was back to being erratic-like with similar weights & a couple left fielders. Screw that. :/

I hope you are all doing well in whatever goals you have! Glad to see more comments & new followers (as well as having new blogs to read myself)! I love you all for stopping by & for sharing some of your life with me!


Liz said...

I hope the week goes well for you!
Congrats on meeting your exercise goal for the week :)

onetenam said...

Good job meeting your goal! Liquids always make me feel so full and bloated, gross.

tracy said...

Man, that wine sounds sooooooooooooo good. My shrink has decided to, with NO warning, ban me from alcohol, if i want to keep seeing him. i did this with one other shrink, whom i truly loved, but swore i would never let it happen again. Now i am stuck..."Should i stay or should i go"? Gah! My feelings for present shrink are nothing as strong as for former shrink....sorry for the babble.....

tracy said...

Your exercise is rockin'! i tried to only the treadmill today and my chest and lungs hurt...that's a new one....must be lack of red, red wine...or just old age!

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