Monday, May 24, 2010

Humid Hot

I didn't do fantastic food wise yesterday, but pretty alright. I had a family hang out thing in the afternoon. Beforehand, I did 5 miles on the elliptical & then a half hour later another 1.6 before I absolutely had to get ready to go.

Elliptical: 6.6 miles total
Breakfast: 2 bites of cake & 6 apple slices
Lunch: sweet tea, chips, hamburger/bun
Snack: maple nut goodies
Dinner: Coke Icee

I love burgers on the grill & really wanted another, but I held back. I also held back on having cheese on it. And I don't put anything except ketchup on it, so that helps a bit too I suppose. I also stayed away from the cookies & more tea & any soda. Overall, I think I did fine because the scale went down & not up or even stuck at the same.

Today I did 3 miles (elliptical) already. Woulda done more, but hot damn! Literally, it is sooooo warm! I don't want to have a heat stroke or anything. I will do more in a bit when I get back from errands.

Goals for this week---
at least 3 miles on elliptical/day, with 1 day off @ most
900-1100 cal range
the only weight goal I have is to go down, lol (don't set those weekly, hard to since ya don't know what the body will do since unfortunately we can't make it do exactly what we want)

Oh, Google must love me again because I tried to sign in without a proxy page, just straight shootin it & it let me! I hadn't tried over the weekend since I was gone a lot & I figure it hated me. Maybe it was punishing me in advance for Saturday's indulgence. ;)


Skinny Jeans said...

maple nut goodies are my weakness!!! your going to do great this week. good luck on your goals!

Stephanie said...

I wish i had an elliptical. i'm so very jealous that you have one. it was super hot/humid here today too.then it i couldn't run. buh. keep up your good work though. soon enough the though of eating only 200 calories will put you in a panic.

tracy said...

Oh for an elliptical, me too! You exercise is fantastic as is you eating, keep it up, what an inspiration you are!