Thursday, May 20, 2010


I just got done watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale & wow. I won't give anything away, just in case someone who reads this watches it & hasn't seen it yet, but I thought it was great. Shonda promised a great finale & delivered. It was a very anxious 2 hours for me!

I am so glad I did 5 miles on my elliptical just before I watched, lol. I was gonna wait & do some while I watched, as well as do some other stuff around the house, but I just saw here, watching (other than commercial breaks when I would get up to grab something or whatever). I also did 3 miles this afternoon, so that's great. 8 miles for the day. I usually shoot for 2 each time, sometimes 3. But lately, I set a 2 mile goal & then decide to keep going, which is great. Plus I walked (casually) outside for 1.5 miles. I wanted to do a dvd workout but oh well. I could have when I did the 5 miles on the elliptical, but I chose that instead.

I haven't totaled up my calories for the day, but I am pretty sure I am safely in my 1000-1200 goal range. I ate baby carrots when I started watching Grey's/post-workout to help get my tally up a little (not that 35 cals are gonna boost it much, but it should make it close & unlikely to go over). If I didn't hit 1000, I am pretty sure I got fairly close, so that's fine.

I feel like I could just type & type! It's leftover excitement from Grey's, lol. Kinda crazy to be like that about a show, but I know I am not the only one, from what I've seen from others online.

I didn't feel too much temptation today, but I did eat a rice krispie treat. But it helped boost my cal tally, so that was good, & without being as awful as something chocolaty or something.

I'm almost tempted to go hop on the elliptical some more, but I am all clean from the shower after the last time I was on it & I don't want to get my body going this late at night (though other times I don't care). I wish I could go to bed shortly, but I doubt that will happen.

Okay, I am rambling slightly & if I don't stop now, I might go on for a much longer effin time! Hope everyone's having a great week and/or has an exciting weekend ahead!


Anonymous said...

you sound like you exercised so much! that's really great! I wish I wasn't so lazy, haha.

tracy said...

i am such a blob! Hopefully your diet and exercise will insipre me! thanks! :)

Skinny Jeans said...

I watched it as well. and WOW is the perfect way of describing it. well put. :) great job doing 5 miles. your doing awesome.