Friday, May 28, 2010


My scale is my frenemy. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Sure, what it says to me it nearly always because of what I did (or did not). But I still place some of the anger towards it. Or occasionally, some joy when it's gone down (though never far enough).

My frenemy can 'say' something & it will make me feel so accomplished & happy. Or it can make me feel like a failure & make me question myself. I love it & hate it, sometimes all in one day. I go to it more often than I should & use it repeatedly. It never seems to mind, probably used to it by now & glad to be out of the cupboard.

This is exactly what my scale looks like, except the display. Mainly, the readout isn't as clear. It used to be to where it might make it hard to differentiate what it was saying, but it magically got slightly better to where some segments are dimmed instead of missing altogether.

I was going to get a new one before it started getting better. And then I decided to wait. And now I am going to start looking at my options. I discovered something yesterday. My frenemy can't decide what to say to me. If I step on, I get one weight. But then if I tap it (to turn it on) & either 'error' it by stepping on too soon or just let it shut off, then tap it on & weigh again (& repeat, repeat, repeat...), I get varying numbers. Most of the numbers are within a small range, but sometimes they are quite a bit different (either up or down).

I always knew that trusting my frenemy wasn't a great idea. Because it doesn't take into consideration that I might still have liquid or solids inside me or that I might be retaining water or that while I may have lost fat, I gained muscle. But now I know I can trust it even less.

I think it is time to let my frenemy go & find a replacement. A younger, more confident (in what it reads) one. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to let me know about any models/brands/etc. I need one that is on the cheap side, but it reliable. If I can find it on amazon that would be great, otherwise in store might have to do. Thanks!

P.S. I realize speaking of a scale this way might make me seem a little loopy in the head, but something tells me a lot of you will understand this relationship with it, lol.


Kelly said...

I completely understand your relationship with your scale & I think it's about time I part with my old hunk of junk and upgrade to something digital (yes, my scale has a spin dial...)

verylastletter said...

i'm pretty sure my scale has a soul. and it hates me.

Anna said...

Hey Girl..
Thanks for following..
Means a lot

Love, Anna

Skinny Jeans said...

I love my Taylor scale. It was 27$ and it doesn't matter how many times i step on and step off. or kick it or stand on it different it is always consistent! Its a really great scale! hope you can find one you like. <3

Skinny Jeans said...

I got my scale at meijer. But I think that store is just around here. but walmart or target should also have it.

Taylor makes a lot of scales so I tried to attach a link to the one that I have.

tracy said...

My scale does the same thing! Drives me crazier! GRRRRRR! i have heard the "Thinner" version (Ha! Catchy name!) gives fairly consistent results, however, the ones i have scouted out don't seem to have the options like BMI, etc. i am going to buy a new one soon too. Good luck!

PS i have a very similar relationship with my scale!

tracy said...

Skinny Jeans i'll have to check out the Taylor....thanks!

helesaurus said...

My scale and I are in an epic war.

I wouldn't recommend the weightwatchers one, which is what mine is. IT SUCKS.

That is all.

Nice blog:)


onetenam said...

Man, I fucking hate scales. This is exactly why I don't own one at the moment. I'm in search of the perfect accurate scale.

Just another broken girls confessions said...

I know what you mean about the scale. Mine is alive and has a personal vendetta against me. I need to buy another because the readings are so random.

Piglet said...

I have a scale that only read to the half pound. (like 130.0 or 130.5) I like it that way, because they I don't obsess about all the little changes that I got from other scales that read from 0.2.

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