Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Damn Donuts

I did well.... most of the day, at least.

Late breakfast: just a packet of oatmeal
Lunch: small glass of lemonade
Dinner: pancakes
Evening snack: mini chocolate donuts & icee

I had a craving for those stupid donuts (Little Debbie Frosted Donuts). I could have tried harder to ignore it, but I know that sometimes when I do that, it only gets strong & worse things happen (like a binge or just general downfall of 'dieting'). There are 430 calories in those tiny things. And after I had eaten 2 of the 6, I started thinking about purging them. I didn't decide until I was done that I would do just that.

Unlike the last time, I was only slightly disappointed (about what I are & that I purged). I was more glad to get most of it back out. I didn't get headache feelings or anything. Just watery eyes.

I did level one of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I kinda sucked at it though, lol, had to take a few few-second long breaks in there. Mostly because of my arms. I have like no upper body strength. I also did 2 miles on my elliptical. I wish I would have done more, but I was tired today. Not that it's unusual for me to be tired, that's nearly a daily thing. I didn't slept well last night. I remember waking up a lot, but at least it was only for a minute or so each time. Again, normal for me to have sleep issues.

Thankfully I am doing well at not eating tonight. Many times that is hard for me, when I get bored & am watching tv/movies. I had the donuts just after 8p, & haven't been tempted (well, at least tempted enough) to eat anything else. Hoping that lasts!

I also got a Twitter & added it over to the side of this blog. So far I am following no one & don't have any followers, so feel free to follow me & let me know about yours or anyone else I should check out. (Same goes for blogs.) I also got a new background for my blog.

I'm tired, but not enough to sleep. Typical. I'm bored. Think I'll go read some blogs for a bit.


Stephanie said...

doughnuts are the worst :/ a few weeks ago i had fasted for 3 days..walked in to the grocery story to get fruit to break the fast and also bough glazed doughnuts.four of them.just a compulsion buy, i guess. i ate all four before i turn my car on.i can't even think of the sugary, vial,evil things without wanted to vom. have a nice night doll!

Skinny Jeans said...

hey great blog!! just started following you. check out my blog. :)

verylastletter said...

the following sentence might be the most fucked up i've ever written....
i'm incredibly jealous of your ability to hurl, for i cannot puke no matter what i stick down my throat.

the shred is awesome.
you will get it...keep at it... you will advance to level three, and you will look amazing for it.

Heather B said...

Donuts sound so very good right now. Yum.

Like the last commenter, I've never been able to purge... I would probably binge a whole lot more if I had ever been successful at it. :/

As it is, whenever I end up eating too much I find myself exercising like crazy the next day... boring.

(Love the blog background. Very cute.)

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