Thursday, May 20, 2010

What the Google

I am so not thrilled with a situation I am apparently having with Google. I don't know exactly what the deal is, but I can only log into Google (& any related service, like Blogger, Youtube, Gmail) if I use a proxy site. If I just try to go directly, I can't go to the sign in page. I tried in 3 different browsers today. I haven't had any issues with any other site. What a pain in the ass!!! I tried deleting cookies, etc & a couple other things but to no avail. I am actually typing this entry from a widget thingy in Sidebar so I super hope it works.

I did well exercise wise. I had wanted to do a dvd & some elliptical, but I only ended up doing the elliptical. However, I don't feel too bad because I did 3 miles in the afternoon & 5 more tonight. I usually try to get 2-3/day.

Food wise was okay, could have been better but could have been much worse. Stayed under 1200 cals, which is the unofficial daily goal for this week.

Went to the grocery store today to pick up a few things. Oh what fun that always is. So many temptations! It sometimes feels like a sex addict going into a brothel. But it wasn't too bad for me. I bought some good(ish) stuff like yogurt, baby carrots, bananas, pretzels, & english muffins. I bought bread sticks, which isn't so great, but not as terrible as say... a huge chocolate cake like the one that fat boy had to eat in Matilda. Oh, I did buy chocolate cake though, but it was a Little Debbie zebra cake individual one & it wasn't for me, so it doesn't count.

So that's about it for now, hope everyone's doing fantabulous & hopefully I can figure out what the eff is going on with this Google sitch.


onetenam said...

Good job on exercising! I love baby carrots, especially with low cal hummus. Good luck figuring out what's going on with Google, that's odd.

tracy said...

Send me your elliptical1 i love those!

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