Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, yeah, I was craving some damn breadsticks & so that's what I had for dinner. 3 of them. Which is only 450 calories (which is a lot but up to that point I had only had 250 for the day). At least they were from the freezer & not a restaurant or something, cause those tend to be much worse. They aren't even high in fat (but carbs, yes, lol). I think the damn things screwed me.

I didn't workout at all in the morning or afternoon. After dinner time though I did 10 miles on the elliptical. But even a couple hours later I was up at least a pound & a half. Which is a lot really to be up at the end of the day & gives me a strong suspicion that I will likely be up on the scale in the morning. :( After finding this out, I took a Stacker 3, which I had leftover from long ago when I used to take them with every meal. I don't know how effective they are but it seemed like they helped to some extent but perhaps it was some sort of placebo effect or all in my head. I still have four more. I knew it was a dumbass idea to take one, because it was early nighttime & it likely meant sleep would be delayed. But that often happens to me anyways, so might as well try to get some benefit from it.

Not sure if it is helping burn anything off though. Also, I drank like 40 oz. of water while I was on the elliptical & I haven't peed much. Normally I urinate constantly when I drink water (one reason I hate to drink it much). But that seems to be the case lately with the water I drink while working out so I don't think that's the problem.

Despite the big carb dinner, & a tiny snack after (to take the pill with) & another small snack to up my total calorie count (none of which made my scale go higher), I am still 20 cals short of the lower limit of my goal range. I'm letting it slide for today, it's minor. And hoping that against the odds, there will be some loss tomorrow, or at the very least, no change (& hell to the no on a gain). Oh, & get this, my stupid stomach thinks it's hungry. Too damn bad, it will have to wait until breakfast. I've already been ignoring it for a couple hours & I'm not at all worried that I will give in to it before then. Hopefully it will make my body burn up storage (aka nasty fat).

So, a question for the readers (whom I adore ;) ). Have you tried any energy and/or diet pills? What were they supposed to do? What did they actually do? Any other comments on them? I would greatly appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks, you rock!


Emry said...

I tried to leave a comment this morning & couldn't, odd. The form didn't appear, maybe the new template? But I changed it into a pop up & all is well now!

(ps: I'm afraid of stepping on the scale because of last night.)

Skinny Jeans said...

10 miles on the elliptical is great!! I really want to get an elliptical. great job staying under today. <3

Kelly said...

a friend of mine took stackers & worked out like a fiend, she lost a ton of weight - so I guess they help, but I get too wound up on them and can't function for work - hope they work for you!

verylastletter said...

stay away from diet pills.
please? they are no good.
you are strong enough on your own.

(ironically, the word verification i have to type out for this comment is pasta. can u believe it??)