Sunday, May 23, 2010


Friday went well. 2 sessions on the elliptical, 5+3=8 miles. I ate a little under 1000 cals, so I didn't hit my range (1000-1200), but that's okay, I barely missed it. I was craving a s'more that night, which I thought would be a lot more cals than it was. It is about 200 cals. The big killer is of course the chocolate.
**1 whole Graham cracker 12.5/70
**1 marshmellow 0/22.5
**1/2 chocolate bar 55/105
*** 67.5 cals from fat/197.5 cals

Yesterday afternoon I had a small casual wedding to go to, & I gave myself a free day. The only rules were, I couldn't eat after 10p & I couldn't stuff myself. I did alright, except I drank orange juice after 10p. I had gained weight this morning, which sucks, but I'm sure that's partially because yesterday is still sitting inside me.

I got sent home with a bunch of stuff, but luckily nothing too bad other than cake. I got grapes, apples slices, orange juice, & ham sandwiches (which are little, because they are pretty much dinner rolls with a bit of ham on them).

I ran 5 miles in the morning yesterday. I got off after 3 to take a short break (usually about 30 seconds or so) to stretch my back really quick & water down my throat. I ended up having to extend the break a couple minutes because I felt like I was going to throw up. I'm not sure if it was because it was earlier in the day than usual & I was sleep deprived or what. I had eaten an english muffin shortly before, but that's usually about all I've had to eat before I work out in the morning or afternoon. I took the last 2 miles easy & was fine when I was all done.

I had some more leftover cake & apple slices for breakfast. I don't feel too bad about the cake because it was literally like 2 bites.

I've found it's better to try to act on strong cravings (such as the s'more Friday & cake today) than to let them grow into a binge.

Well, I'm off, I think to do some time on the elliptical. Hope everyone is doing better than I have this weekend, lol, & having fun!


Skinny Jeans said...

great job!! you've inspired me to hop on my elliptical.