Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bed Day

I spent most of the day in bed.  Not because I was sick or really tired.  Just because I wanted to.  It was a depressed kind of day for me.  It was cloudy & raining on & off.  I had a dream that was basically about me being an outsider to those around me, which I was already feeling, so dreaming about it made it worse.  I felt physically & even a little mentally depressed, but it was mostly physical (like my body was in depression mode).

I am afraid I gained weight today.  I surely hope not.  Even though I only ate around 555 calories I think, I did nothing.  Except run one errand that barely took any energy other than getting in & out of the car.  No toning or elliptical or walks.  So I'm hoping the slightly less caloric intake will magically make up for the serious lack of outtake.

I'm a lil sleepy but I doubt I will be tired enough to sleep any time soon after spending most of the day laying around.  Spending a day in bed does not help with my insomnia.  I was so glad to have new blog posts from others to read while laying here.  That & occasional internet surfing was my day.

I hope everyone's week is going swell & anyone who is fasting or working on any kind of goal is kicking ass at it!


margg. said...

i've spent all day in bed.
its lovely :)

Lilah Lee said...

Took an amazing "nap" today too :]
BUT now the insomnia is horrible... and its 3:33 am nad its not going away lol.

Goof luck!
Lilah <3

Liz said...

I hope you feel better! <3

Lilah Lee said...

My scale does .5 :/ my other scale does .1 but its a little off in actually giving the correct weight :[
But thanks for the tip on waiting after haha!!

Lilah Lee said...
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