Saturday, June 5, 2010


So, I bought a new scale today.  And while it gave me a couple different readings, I still think it may be better than the one I already have.  The first time I stepped on it it gave me +.4 from the other readings & then once I stepped on it slightly different it gave me -.2 from them.  But other than that it was more consistent & still less wild readings.  I think part of the reason is that the floor here is uneven.  And the bathroom is one of the worst spots, ugh.  Of course some of the more even areas are in more common areas &/or are carpeted.  But I also weighed in on the dial scale which read about what the first one did.  And I weighed in on my previous one which had readings around the first one.  I know that using 3 scales sometimes instead of sometimes 2 will be common, just because they are there.  But I will likely take the 'word' (number) of the newest since it seems to be more consistent.  At least now I won't have to average out so much like the old digital.

What I was surprised was to see that I supposedly lost .2 since yesterday, according to the new scale & dial (the old digital says I either lost/gained .2 or maintained).  I expected a gain for sure because lately, just ugh, when it comes to eating.

Monday I don't know what my cal count was, but it was likely around 600.  And then Tues & Wed were around 900.  I expected some gain after Thursday because I ate 1200 (& the last 400 were 2 s'mores late on), but I maintained.  Yesterday I really expected a gain because I ate around 1525 (though I suppose the 1200 the day before helped that a bit).

The reason I felt sure a gain was coming is because I ate a late lunch/early dinner at Applebee's.  I had 3 onion rings & 1/3 of my 3 cheese chicken penne (the entire dish is around 1300 cals alone), which I tried to eat the less cheesy noodles, plus the toasted bread (which is only 80cals).  Then on top of that I had random other stuff, but nothing too bad.  About 940 of the day's cals were from Applebee's.  Maybe it helped that I didn't get around to the elliptical until later, around 10pm & ran 5 miles, I don't know.

I did try a couple new things I thought I'd share.  I tried pretzel m&m's, which are good, kinda like chocolate covered pretzels.  An individual bag only has 150cals (& I shared mine so I only ate half).  I also tried hershey chocolate flavored twizzlers, which have just a bit of chocolate taste (where they aren't overly chocolatey to me) & a nice chewy texture (130 cals per 3).  Those are both nice little treats that aren't too 'expensive' calorie-wise.

Also (I know this is getting long), I saw this shirt yesterday & thought you chicas might enjoy it.  Though when I was looking for the link today, I heard the shirt has since been pulled from the online store.

Also, I think sometime in the future I will actually post my actual stats (ugh) & goals but I haven't decided if I'll wait to reach a certain # of posts or if I'll do it when I reach a certain goal.

Hope all of you are having a pleasant weekend & doing swell with whatever your goals might be!  I'm still enjoying reading all the blogs & see new followers & comments on mine.


Liz said...

Love that shirt! It's awesome :)

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