Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If there were any food in the world that I could choose to be calorie/fat/etc free so that there would be no consequences to my body for eating it, I would pick ice cream.  I love, love, love the friggen stuff.  Some of it isn't so bad calorie-wise, but I don't like to buy it because then I just want to eat, eat, eat it.  And then the calories quickly add up so effen quickly.  Ice cream is one of the things I most debate myself over when in the grocery store because I know I love it but I know that I love it a lil too much.

My favorite flavor, Ben & Jerry's One Sweet Whirled, was retired long ago.  I also love Chunky Monkey & other flavors by them.  I buy Ben & Jerry even less than other ice cream because it's more costly, both monetarily & calories wise.  Other faves are caramel praline, cookie dough, butter pecan, & I could go on & on & on.

I also have a weakness for milkshakes, of course.  Which are even higher in calories.

I'm not big on chocolate.  If I do have chocolate anything, it usually has peanut butter or caramel or something with it.  I don't really care for most chocolate ice creams either.  So take chocolate away from me, and I wouldn't care much (though I'd miss Reese's cups & such).  But ice cream would be what I chose to be my 'free' food to indulge in to my little heart's (& stomach's I suppose) content. <3

What would be your 'free to indulge without consequence' food?


Jessica said...

I completely agree with you on the ice-cream.. it's so addictive! I worked at Dairy Queen before and it was so hard being around fast food, ice cream and the shakes.

Sadly enough, I'll choose McDs or milkshakes to indulge on haha. Maybe more on the milkshake side xD

Don't give in, be strong cuz summer is here :)

Liz said...

Oh my god, I LOVE ice cream. I would probably pick that, or anything with chocolate. I also love chocolate, unfortunately. Mmmmm... so hungry!

Hollow said...

I have discovered that i can deal with them if they're cut REALLY small, like in a bolognaise or something, or if i don't know they're there, but generally just the thought of eating them makes me shudder.

My food would be tagliatelle carbonara. I'm a fucking HUGE sucker for well made italian food with loads of cheese. God damn. That and cheesecake, i make an amazing cheesecake. But i may as well just eat lard if i'm going to digest either of them, it'd have the same effect. SIGH.


Kelly said...

ben & jerrys oatmeal cookie ice cream

Hanz said...

The question would be better phrased what food ISN'T my weakness?!
Depending on my mood, I love many things.
Ben and Jerry's is a favourite, but so is flapjack and chocolate and cookies and caramel shortbread and pizza and curry and just... so many many things.
God I wish calories didn't exist! x

sienna said...

I love peanut butter&chocolate, but whenever I let myself have peanut butter it's like opening a gateway to a binge. sometimes in winter on a binge I'll just melt it in the microwave, gross of me I know but I love it.
so either that or cheesecake.

onetenam said...

Fucking peanut butter, nutella and all the bread I want. That would be paradise.

Lilah Lee said...

Once again, we're exactly the same...sigh. I used to eat it soo much! But I still let it slide once in awhile, we need to enjoy lifes goodnesses!!!!

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