Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Move Through

So I have a question for my lovely readers.  Maybe kind of a weird one, but I'd like some opinions.  I was reading somewhere today that it is healthy to have 1-3 bowel movements a day.  I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get things 'moving through'.  I'm guessing from blogs I read that perhaps this might be a proper place to get some opinions.  Laxatives, fiber, other supplements, whatever you may have tried.  I'd like to know what worked & what didn't.  Also related, has anyone tried diuretics?  What was your opinion on those (help with excess water removal or anything else)?

In other, more pleasant (kinda) news, I am thinking I need to have a day very soon to have a splurge meal/day to help wake up my metabolism.  I think in the next couple days I am going to be doing some errands (including possibly finding some solutions from the above) & maybe that could be the day I splurge.  Of course, I gotta choose what I wanna splurge on.  I know no matter what I will feel guilty about it so might as well make it worth it, lol.  At first I thought Chinese, then maybe a burger, milkshake, or something.  I'm not sure.  I guess I will just wait & see what sounds the most good when the time comes.  I could just try & eat it all, but a) that would be too expensive for my broke self & b) I think my stomach would burst.

I've been hearing good things about green tea (though I'm sure I've heard them before) & found that I do indeed have 2 different kinds already (I bought a few teas a long while back & got a couple when I had a Gevalia club membership thingy & I don't pay attention because I haven't drank any of it in quite a while).  One is from Gevalia, it's Ancient Cherry & the other is from the grocery store, Lipton Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine.  0 calories.  What do you know about green tea?  Have you seen any benefits from green tea (or I suppose tea in general) if you drink (or have drank) it?

So yeah.  That's my current quick thoughts, some more pleasant than others, lol.  Asked a few questions, hoping to get some answers. ;)  Lovely thin thoughts & sweet dreams all! <3


Gracile said...

When i want to move my bowels i usually use laxitives( i am a bit adicted to them), also anothr good thing is Senna tea, it is a tea made of senna leaves and it works wonders for me at least.
i think that green tea is also good but i have read that you have to drink it every day if you want it to work.
Hope i halped you a bit.

Kelly said...

I love my senna tea for when things need some help :) & you can brew it to the strength you think you need, just a few minutes for a light effect and up to 5 minutes for a more..powerful? effect (that just sounds gross)

but I also know from experience that eating vegetarian/vegan keeps your bowels moving constantly - it really seems kind of crazy at first, but it's the way your digestive system is supposed to work.

Jennifer said...

DEFINITELY agree with the senna tea.
I used to use laxatives, but I would say try to avoid them as much as possible (they are SO addictive, and can get expensive). I used them so much I couldn't have a bowel movement without them...suuucked.

Hope that helps some!

Piglet said...

Thanks for following me...following you right back! Great blog! And your exercise is awesome!

Lilah Lee said...

Well, before I starting dieting I had no prob with the 1-3 a day lol. But lately I have been trying to drink a little prune juice and thast seems to be helping out haha. I just wanted to try something as natural and healthy as possible without screwing up my system lol

Good Luck!!

Lilah :]

Just another broken girls confessions said...

Mmm senna tea helps. Oh and this sweetener stuff... calderdale or something like that. Put 2 spoons into black coffee. After 2 cups of that I am ready to blow it out haha xD

Lisa said...

Thanx for the comment girl, luckily my day went well, they've been few and far between lately. and i don't have your motivation to exercise!! *embarrassed*
I'd also like to "get things moving", haven't tried green tea yet... doesn't sound very appetising though. =P

Peridot (G+P) said...

Ooooooh, you WERE #100, too! *Pounces and tacklehugs* I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU!! I honestly thought nobody would ever want to read the shit I write, looks like I got proven wrong >.< It's funny, but seeing a new follower or a comment never loses it's shine.

Hmm, I'd better read up on your blog so I can follow and comment! :D

Lots of love you you!!!

Cammie said...

Arright, so here's the thing:
I never have up to 3 bowel movements a day- in fact, I would call that slightly abnormal. Even having one movement on some days is a shock.
As for what works and what doesn't... Laxatives of course- but only for the right purpose, you know? Don't use them expecting long term weight loss, just for temporary bowel relief. Also plums.

Diuretics.. all fruits have relatively high water contents so they'll do the trick for ya. Grapes are especially good- they taste awesome and they make you pee, but again- don't expect any long term losses for this.
Hope this helped! (Green tea tastes shitty.)

onetenam said...

My bowel movements are never normal because of laxative abuse and just not eating, but DIET COKE. Haha, apparently the caffeine in it moves things right on through.

Yasmin said...

Waking up your metabolism is a great thing, just don't fall back to eating if you do it. That part always gets me.

And as for the tea, passion fruit jasmine and orange from lipton is my absolulte FAVORITE. Its filling, healthy, no cal, and perfect :)

Peridot (G+P) said...

Lol, it was TERRIFYING!!! But it was los of fun when I started getting the hang of it. Bring on next Wednesday!! :D

Green tea is amazing! So many kinds of good for you. I seriously love that stuff!

Laura said...

hey. sorry i didnt start following til now, i just found the link. thx you so much for your comments. your brighten my day. and i guess it is healthy to have 1-3 bowel movements, but i mean even people who eat normally sometimes dont even have one a day. i think it has a lot to do with the type of diet the world is now on. im not so sure exactly how to get it moving tht i kno prune juice works.

also green tea is my life savor. its the only tea tht i will drink, except if im out =/ haha. its supposedly the best for your digestive system and your metabolism. im not sure i believe the metabolism part, but its the best.

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