Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday 1

My sweet snacks for the week.  Nothing too awful.  Pretzel m&m's (150 cals), vanilla Tootsie roll (240 cals each), Teddy Grahams (130 cals/24 pieces), Gobstopper (60 cals/9 pieces).  And I did well because I still have some left at the end of the week, lol!

Yummy ice cream I saw yesterday, but did not buy.  I would be too tempted to eat the whole thing!

Proof that even though I have pictures of, talk & think about junkier food, I do eat things that aren't bad & are healthy (steamed broccoli, 30 cals/cup).  This was my lunch the other day.

Sunset back at the end of May.

Just some pretty yellow flowers I saw along the sidewalk when out walking one evening.

I'd like to do Foto Friday (yes, I know photo is spelled wrong, it's just a play on words/letters/whatever, lol) every week, but we'll see.  I'll just say that I will try to do a photo blog every Friday.


Gracile said...

thanks for the suportive comment.
love the picture post.
Hope you are doing good.

Melissa said...

Foto Friday. I think its a wonderful idea. :)
xoxo, Melissa

Charlie said...

Haha so random but cute! I like the new layout, btw.

Kristal said...

I live vicariously through your food porn. Love it.

Wilted~Rose said...

yummy stuff!

verylastletter said...

oh, those pretzel m&m's.
it's really all the food i would ever need.

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