Friday, June 11, 2010


So, I get pretty bored being unemployed, part of the reason I started this blog (also, to find others to relate to obviously).  But I've created other ways to try to alleviate boredom & thought I would share in case anyone else wants to alleviate boredom with me.  These are all things that can be found on my blog already (such as the sidebar) but I thought I'd gather it all in one spot ('cause I'm kinda dorky like that, lol).

My blog (wasn't gonna link since duh, you're here, but thought aw, what the heck)
Formspring (ask me some questions!)
Message me on AIM! (emryelle) (I log in on my phone so I am on frequently)
My email

So yeah, there it is!  Feel free to contact me or whatever at any of these places if you are bored or need motivation/support or wanna vent, whatever!


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