Monday, June 28, 2010

Thin Twin

I thought I would also post my 'thin twin' (which is what I choose to call her, even though we don't look alike, but her body is more what I want mine to look like).  I know Lilah Lee & Wilted Rose have done this.  The idea is that you find someone (model, celebrity, etc) is about your height & has the type of body you want & it should make for excellent thinspo because you can see what your possibility is.

I chose Kristen Bell because she's cute & thin & seems cool.  She is actually 5'1", so she's a couple inches taller than me, but it's hard to find someone who is at my shorty short height.  I figure she is close enough!

I love her arm & bony shoulder here for some reason.

I like this pic because of her collarbone & the glimpse of definition on the side of her midsection.

I picked this one out because she is just wearing a tee & jeans & still looks thin.  No muffin top or bulge!

I like the definition in her ab area here.

I wish I smiled/smirked/looked happy when I was looking in the mirror half-dressed.


Lilah Lee said...

She is gorgeous!!!! :D I love her :]
You can do it girl :]
We're all right behind you!

Love you lots

Liz said...

She looks amazing! I never knew that she was so thin before, but she is definitely my thinspo now!!

Peridot (G+P) said...


Thank you for the awesome idea ^.^ You fully made my day!

Jennifer said...

LOVE her.
and love this idea! definitely doing it :)

v. said...

Gah, I so did not know she was 5'1! How exciting, I'm 5'1, but I won't steal her from you :P I've chosen Rachel Bilson.. I think it's a given...
One day we'll look in front of a mirror, half dressed, and smile.
Here's to that day!

Ava-Rose said...

This is such a good idea!!!!!! I need to find someone 5'9 / 5'10

Alice D said...

Well, she's certainly beautiful. :]

Peridot (G+P) said...

Lol thank you! I'm going totally fascist-bitch-cleaning-monster on these fleas, so it's a matter of time. . .

*Hugs* I hope your mozzie bites get better soon. They suck so bad!

mad_zaq said...

great thinspo. good choice, and the concept of thin twin is brilliant. props to you for making a goal.

Frenzy said...

hey thanks for all the encouragement! and that is such a great idea, i haven't thought of that before! stay strong and you'll get tehre one day!