Monday, June 14, 2010

Trick Yourself Thin

So, I found this article linked somewhere & thought I would check it out & then decided to share it here.  Basically, it has 10 tips that are supposed to help you lose weight.  I'm going to mention a few here, but you can click the article if you want to read it in full.

Trick Yourself Thin by David Schipper/Men's Health
It suggests that weighing yourself daily can help you maintain lost weight.  Well, I am all set on this.  I weigh myself every morning.  I record that weight.  But I have a weird almost-addiction to my scale that I weigh myself a bunch more times to see where I am at for the day.

Here, he suggests that seeing food on tv can be too tempting.  I so totally agree with this!  Sometimes I will even see stuff I don't like & it looks good just because of how it is presented.  Or other things I do like cause me to crave them.  Mostly it's commercials that reel me in, bastards.  Though I suppose that means someone is doing their job (still dislike them, lol).

Simply put: longer days (during summer when it is light out more) make energy levels go up & cravings go down.  Shorter days (winter, less light) make our serotonin levels go outta whack.  Makes sense to me.  I am more likely to gain weight in the winter, partly because of the holiday season, but partly because the lack of light makes me feel lazy.

It is suggest that people who are trying to lose weight should make a friendly bet (over a period of time, not just a couple weeks) either one on one or in teams.  It makes sense because you want to win &, if you are on a team, you don't want to let them down.  I kind of feel like all you fellow bloggers are my teammates.  I guess the opposition is food/people against us/unhealthy food/advertisements... the list could go on & on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

So that's all out of me, like I said, feel free to check out the full article, or don't, lol.  I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week & if not, I hope it perks up for you!


Lilah Lee said...

That sounds like great Ideas :] Thanks for sharing :]

Lilah Lee said...

That sounds like great Ideas :] Thanks for sharing :]

Jennifer said...

i really enjoyed these ideas...and most make sense for me. i'm really working on the turn the tv off one -- not only are things tempting when watching tv, but i always feel lazy and grab for food (hungry or not). ugh, NOT good haha.

have a great week! :)

Wilted~Rose said...

I really enjoy reading stuff like that so thank you Emry :D

And yes I agree with you on the last one

and we will all reach our dreams together
much love
Wilted~Rose ♥

Liz said...

Sounds great! I will give those things a try :)

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