Sunday, June 13, 2010


I thought I would post my goals finally.  I officially reached my first one yesterday morning & am heading toward the second one.  I wanted to make a post about them to kind of explain why I've made them.  They can also be seen (as well as the progress made with them) in one of the side bars over there.

First off, I am short.  Like not even 5 feet tall short.  My height is 4'10.5".  Yep.  And in case you didn't know, I am 28.  Yep again.  My starting weight (when I started this blog) was 120.2.

GW1: 114 [X]
  ***This was my normal weight before pregnancy (2005) & after I lost all that weight.
GW2: 110
  ***I just thought this is a nice mid number between goals 1 & 2.
GW3: 107
  ***This was my regular weight before/when/after I moved almost 3 years ago. (2007-08)
GW4: 103
  ***Again, just a nice point inbetween.
GW5: 99
  ***This marks the first weight that I would be a double-digit.
UGW: 90-95
  ***I chose this range because when I was a freshman in high school, I was a couple of inches shorter & I weighed about 88 pounds, so I thought this would be a reasonable weight.  That may change once I get there, or even before if I decide that'd be too much weight off.  But I surely want to be a double digit weight.

I couldn't tell you my highest & lowest weights.  I just don't know them for sure.  I guess my lowest could be said to be 88, but I was shorter then.  And my highest was the year after high school when I gained even more weight.  I could guess I was at least 10 or so pounds heavier than when I started this blog.  I didn't have scales after high school up until a few years ago.

I started to gain weight when I went through puberty, around age 16 (I was later than most, I know).  Before that, I ate junk food (mainly sweets) ALL the time & never gave much thought to my weight.  Even when I stopped eating so many sugary yummies, it didn't matter.  Stupid bastard (puberty) slowed my metabolism down i think.

Do I think I will be happy & normal about food when I reach my goal weight?  No.  I have accepted that I will likely always have some weird relationship with food.  And I know I will still be watching my weight & having to do whatever it takes to keep it down once it is down.  I never want to have it get so high that I have to bring it down so much again.

I try to weigh myself daily, but it usually ends up being multiple times a day.  I count the first weigh in though for records.  After I have woke up & urinated, but before I've done anything or eaten/drunk anything.

Okay, so now you all know!  I feel pretty much like I am telling a secret, which technically I am because aren't women's weight & age supposed to be taboo to ask about?  (lol)  Please, feel free to comment & share your goals (either long-term, short-term, or both), whether you want to say specific weight or just mention how many pounds (or kg) you want to lose.


Charlie said...

Wow you really are short! I wish I was as short as you are. I've always been on of the tallest (ever since 5th grade). I hate it. I'm just automatically heavier. The only way I could ever be double digits is if I was literally skin and bones.

I'm 5'9", 123 lbs right now. I started off at 143 lbs and I want to get down to 110 lbs.

Thanks for sharing your secret!

wren said...

You know we're the same age?

Thanks for sharing your secrets, and well done on smashing your first goal!

xxx wren

Lilah Lee said...

Good luck on your goals :D sounds like you have it pretty well thought out! I know you'll do great.

:D Lilah

Wilted~Rose said...

Hey Emry,
Thanks for sharing that I know how hard it is to stay a certain weight I'm 5ft 2" and the min you gain its like so noticable! Esp after having a baby :)
My goals e.t.c ↓ (I did have it in my side bar hummm??)

HW: 175LBS
LW: 108LBS
GW: 119LBS (For now!) ;)
CW: 162LBS

Ive been setting mini goals of -5LBS at a time to keep me going lol

Well good luck
loadsa love
Wilted~Rose ♥
GW: 119LBS (for now) ;)

Liz said...

Good job on reaching your first goal!! Your goals seem pretty reasonable, and I know you can reach them.
I don't know exactly where I am right now, because I'm scared to weigh myself, but here are my general goals and stats.

Height: 5'7
HW: 220
CW: probably 185
1st important GW: 159
UGW: 105

We can do this! You're doing awesome :):)

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