Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Ahhh

Yesterday was my free day, I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted.  So the following is what I chose: cheerios, Culver's snack pack (the ButterBurger one with just ketchup, crinkle cut fries, & a Pepsi Wild Cherry), chewy Runts, can of grape soda, King vanilla cone, & 2 mini Reese's cups.  By the way, the links are just pictures of the items.  I love the snack packs because they are small (small fry & drink).  Good size, used to be perfect for me but yesterday it filled me up a lil more than usual.  I haven't had Culver's in months, because I don't live right by one anymore (which is prolly a good thing because I love their burgers & ice cream products) but yesterday when I was out & about, I went to Target, it was only another 5-6 miles to go to one.

Target by the way, was a trap I avoided, lol.  The one I was at had Pizza Hut products at their food/snack stand & I love to get the 3 pack of breadsticks when I go.  There is also a Starbucks in there.  But I had just eaten & didn't want to get super full or eat a crap ton of calories.  My total for the day was 1600, which isn't too awful.  And it seems I gained around half a pound, which isn't too bad, especially since I expected more because I was still, well not full but satisfied, I guess? this morning.  I didn't actually exercise at all other than wandering around stores quite a bit.

I decided to try the senna suggestions.  Kinda.  I found generic pills of senna concentrate for $4.  Taking pills (even though I hate taking any) will be easier than trying to make myself drink a bunch of tea or something mixed with fiber powder or whatever.  And I kinda rationalized that something from vegetables is a lot better than something man-made, lol.  I haven't tried them yet though.  I'm fine with not having a movement daily, I realize sometimes I might not eat enough to make that happen but I don't want stuff just sitting there for too long either.  And I'm won't be using them often, just something to have in case.

Today I am having a banana smoothie, prolly around lunch time.  Bought bananas & a packet of the powder yesterday (have milk & ice).  The whole thing made is about 460 cals, but it is supposed to be 3 servings.  I won't drink all of it.  I like these because it's a lot like having a milkshake but better for me (health & calorie wise).  I had 5 green grapes & water for breakfast.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!  And meeting goals & all that good stuff too!


Kelly said...

1,600 calories for a 'free' day is AMAZING!

that's awesome! I'm happy you're giving yourself the room to wiggle :) After my 30 days are up, I'm going to start that too - is it weird that I've started a list of the junk I want to eat for my free day?

Wilted~Rose said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your "FREE DAY" :D
I don't think I could get by without one tbh and aswel as the benefits of boosting up that metabolism its just a great release for me & something to keep me going with etc
your intake was cool you will lose that half a LB no probs
well done Emry
loadsa love
Wilted~Rose ♥

Piglet said...

I agree with Kelly...I probably would have been at like 3000 cals...ha!

Liz said...

Wow, your day sounds great! Good job :) Also, awesome job resisting those bread stick things in Target!! I would have given in :(
I hope today goes well for you!

Hollow said...

Your free day sounds like JUST what i need :) though i think i'm too afraid to. Mmmmm, i think i even know what i'd eat. Lots of creamy Italian pasta, yogurt, prawn crackers, salty popcorn and some cheesecake. Perhaps some cajun chicken too. Probably not a good idea, i have a bit of an addictive personality lol. In fact i've only just managed to wean myself off the laxatives after three solid weeks of them.

Thanks for your comment hun, venting did make me feel a bit better. Something else i've discovered works WONDERS when it's all a bit too much - screaming into a pillow. Weird but true.


Lilah Lee said...

Sounds Amazing!!! 2 more days for mine!!!!!

I may have to make my way over to culvers :] You made it sound wayyy too delish and its been sooo long :D

Have an awesome day :]

Love you

Alice D said...

1, 6000 calories is great!
Be proud you didn't binge!
I would have!

Also, I LOVE bananas.
Did you know that they keep you fuller for longer?
Also, they only have like, 90 calories each and that's in a big, massive banana.
So great choice there.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, as the others have said...GREAT free day. Incredibly impressive, and it definitely shows your self-control. Hope your day went/is going well! :) :)

skinnybusiness said...

wow, you did good for your free day. I woulda binged for sure. I'm a pig though. Awsome. Keep at it. <3's -Katie.

margg. said...

Oh lovely :)
What a good free day.